Christophe Vioux


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At the age of nine, he was walking around his father’s workshop, himself a locksmith, with whom he learned his techniques.

In the late 90’s, and returning from a long trip to the South Pacific, he decided to build his forge and reconnect with the hammer and anvil.

Developing his technicality, he directs his work for some years towards more artistic works and sculpture. With his sensitivity, he draws from him the resources to bring forth feelings and emotions, releasing his achievements of texture and light.



It answers your request from concept to realization. A passionate at the center of your desires. It brings ironwork to the fore and puts the work of the forge at the heart of the community. Finish the concept of the consumer society, call the blacksmith for a:

Small repair

Welding, setting of hinges, etc...

Restoration or modification

Ancient works

Custom realization

Ramps / Stairs / Canopies / Pergolas / Grilles / Gates etc...

Realization of furniture

From renaissance style to industrial decoration

Manufacture decoration / design objects

Lamps, chandeliers, weathervanes, fireplace sets, etc...

Sales or conceptualization

Objects of art or sculptures